Personalized wrapping paper

I decided to accept the challenge of the Swedish DIY-collective Monthly Makers, i.e. to create something each month on a given theme. January’s theme is avtryck, in translation something like ‘print’ or ‘imprint’, and since my sister is having her 25th birthday party this weekend I wanted to make a personalized wrapping paper for her. This kind of DIY can be endlessly modified, of course: the form and the colour of the stamps, the kind of paper, the pattern… Mine was really easy to make and took me less than five minutes. It also cost me nothing since I had all the material at home. Let’s have a look!


I rolled out a classic, light brown wrapping paper on my desk…


…and took out my stamp jar.


Since she’s turning 25, I settled for those numbers plus an asterisk, as well as a copper stamp pad (I taped the 2 and the 5 together before starting, which made it more stable).

I didn’t want any regular pattern, so I just started randomly imprinting the paper with 25’s, turning the stamp as I went. Took a step back to make sure that it was more or less evenly spread out over the paper. Then I filled out the spaces in between with asterisks.


And here’s the result. It’s discreet, but quite pretty if I may say so myself! I hope she’ll like it.

Later I will show you what’ll be wrapped in this paper 🙂 Stay put!



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New year, new habits. In my case – blogging! Who knew. I suppose I’m a little late starting at the age of (almost!) 27 (just never saw myself as a *blogger*), but I realized it would be kinda nice to have a platform where I can collect my creative projects. An online scrapbook, if you will. Mainly for myself but also for anyone else who’d like to read it. As my work and studies are not within a “creative” field (at least not in that sense), it’s all stuff that I do in my spare time, and I never felt the need to document it before. It just never crossed my mind. A few months ago, however, my friend Ullis said: “You should have a DIY-blog!” and I thought: yes, why not? Said and done.

So, let me use this first post to introduce myself:

My name is Sandra. I live in Malmö in southern Sweden, where I share a flat with my bf Christian and three of our friends. I study at Lund University where I will “soon” have my MA in general linguistics. I’m really really passionate about linguistics and languages, so it might shine through here at some point. Other stuff I like include:
– books
– vegetarian cooking
– music
– sauna
– animals (especially dogs)
– traveling
– beer
– knitting
– drawing
– yoga
– gardening (balcony-level)
– Harry Potter
– strong coffee
– hanging out in the countryside
– flea markets & thrift shops
– pretty things in general
– Netflix
– my little sister ❤

I like to use my spare time to engage in various creative projects, on any level, really. It could be a several-months-project such as knitting a sweater, or it could be opening the fridge in the evening and using what I find to come up with a new recipe for dinner. It could be remaking old clothes into something new. It could be wrapping christmas gifts in a thoughtful and pretty way. It could be drawing wall-art, doodling in a notebook, writing, taking photographs, creating an outfit for a costume-party, or harmony singing christmas carols with my flatmates. This is the kind of content you can expect to find here in the near future!

I won’t bore you with any more details, instead I’ll start planning some content to post! See you soon!