DIY deer box

Who doesn’t have an old cardboard box lying around? Not sure if the same holds for plastic deer, but I happened to have one. I bought it at a toy store once. I love deer!!! They’re beautiful. Just needed to adapt it to fit into a grown-up’s interior. So, when I saw that one of my favourite DIY-bloggers and namesake Sandra had made a bookstand, I knew what I wanted to do with it! Here’s the result. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

(Unfortunately, JUST NOW as I’m writing this (what are the odds?), my boyfriend’s headphones accidentally got tangled into the antlers and the whole thing fell on the floor and broke :((( The deer was separated from the lid and some paint fell off. Hope I’ll be able to fix it…)


The materials I used were:
– an old cardboard box (with a pattern I was tired of)
– a plastic deer
– matte white acrylic paint
– golden acrylic paint
– glue

I had everything at home, so it (kinda) cost me nothing. I started by painting the box and the deer with a small paint brush (if I hadn’t had the paint at home already, I probably would have bought spray paint). This takes a while since you have to paint a layer, then let it dry, then turn it over to paint the other side, and so on. I just went on until the pattern/colour underneath was completely covered, maybe 3 layers or so in all. Then I put glue underneath the hooves of the deer, placed it on top of the lid and let it dry.




Great storage for jewellery, coins, etc. Also thought of filling it with pebbles if I’d like to use it as a bookstand at some point. Hope you like it!


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