Today I thought I’d blog about another gift, one that I made a few years ago for my bf.


It’s an ink drawing of various types of bikes. Which may be an unnecessary description since you can probably see that for yourselves…………. Anyway, I started by sketching the bikes very thinly with a pencil on a semi-thick piece of white A4 paper (my paper vocabulary is very restricted but it was more “stable” than normal copy paper if you see what I mean). Then I filled everything in with a black ink pen. I made sure to use one that dried quickly (try it on a separate paper first), otherwise the ink would have been drawn out all over the paper in the process. When I was done, I carefully erased the pencil lines where needed. It took a few hours in all, but it was really quite easy, and fun! As you can see, my drawing style is really quite naïvist; the lines aren’t very straight and the circles aren’t very perfect. I’ve liked and practiced drawing since childhood, but I’m definitely not an illustrator – the things I can do with a pen are very limited, but this simple style is right up my alley. I like how closeby it looks quite sloppy, but from a distance you don’t really see that.


It now lives in a black frame on our wall, together with…


…lots of other stuff in black frames: a drawing from a market in Budapest, a Lichtenstein print, a portrait of the king of Sweden (I’ve negotiated A LOT about this without success but I guess you have to sacrifice some of your principles when moving in together… please don’t judge me), a Snufkin print by Tove Jansson, a Rothko print, a photograph from an exhibition we visited in Sarajevo, and a mirror. Despite the diversity of motives I think there’s a nice coherence about the wall (including the king…), partly because of the matching frames and partly because it goes in the same colours (which was actually a coincidence).

The armchair by the window is my favourite reading spot!


The drawing also goes well with the opposite corner of the room. 🙂

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