Gardening 2016 pt 3: Harvest

In the first part of my little ‘Gardening 2016’ series, I wrote about how good I am at starting projects but also how bad I am at finishing them. Little did I know that was exactly what would happen to this blog… How ironic. However, my gardening – the context in which I mentioned my inability to stick to anything – seems not to have suffered the same fate, at least not this year. Hooray! As 1) I’m (apparently) back blogging, and 2) it’s September, the few of you who actually read this will now have the great honor of seeing what my efforts in the early spring have generated. Voilà:


Tomatoes, chili, rosemary, mint, figs & grapes. The two last are actually grown by my neighbours and not myself, but they give me an opportunity to brag about the very non-Scandinavian microclimate in our courtyard :))))))