Minimalistic hand embroidery


You know when you come across a record that you love so much you just have to turn its cover design into a hand embroidery? I’m sure everybody’s felt that way. The record that gave me this impulse is Suede’s eponymous debut album from 1993. Go listen to it now! It’s brilliant and it has a really beautiful cover, adapted from a photograph by Tee Corinne.


I did my own minimalistic adaptation of the picture and ended up with this! I’m SO happy with it.

Here’s how I did:

  1. I opened a picture of the album cover on my laptop and zoomed to an appropriate size.
  2. Then I taped a thin sheet of paper to my screen and drew the outlines onto it.
  3. After that, I pinned the paper to the back of a thin, white fabric (I used an old pillowcase) and redrew the same line onto that, putting it up against a window in daylight.
  4. Then I folded the fabric once to make it double, put it in a frame and started to embroider along the lines with black thread.
  5. When I was done, I cut off the edges of the fabric, leaving only a thin margin (~1 cm) that I glued to the insides of the frame.

(I think it’s a good idea to use a thin, folded fabric – if it’s too thick, it will be hard to get enough light through it to draw the pattern onto it, and if you don’t fold your thin fabric there’s a risk that the threads on the backside will be visible at the front. If you use a darker fabric you probably have to use a different technique for drawing the pattern.)

Happy embroidering to everybody!

One thought on “Minimalistic hand embroidery

  1. Åh, har inte haft någon vidare broderiinspiration den senaste tiden men nu blev jag jättesugen på att göra något med bara outlines såhär. Tack för inspo!


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