Gardening 2016 pt 3: Harvest

In the first part of my little ‘Gardening 2016’ series, I wrote about how good I am at starting projects but also how bad I am at finishing them. Little did I know that was exactly what would happen to this blog… How ironic. However, my gardening – the context in which I mentioned my inability to stick to anything – seems not to have suffered the same fate, at least not this year. Hooray! As 1) I’m (apparently) back blogging, and 2) it’s September, the few of you who actually read this will now have the great honor of seeing what my efforts in the early spring have generated. Voilà:


Tomatoes, chili, rosemary, mint, figs & grapes. The two last are actually grown by my neighbours and not myself, but they give me an opportunity to brag about the very non-Scandinavian microclimate in our courtyard :))))))

Gardening 2016 pt 2: Replanting


I’ve been procrastinating for weeks, but today I finally got around to the next step in this year’s gardening process: the first replanting. My tiny chilis and tomatoes finally got to move from their plastic tray into individual pots.


They look happy so far!

As we’re running out of window space in the apartment, they now live in the stairs. Hope they’ll survive!

Gardening 2016 pt 1: Sowing

It’s that time of year; you know, when the weather still sucks but kinda gives you a tiny little hint saying it might not be winter forever. It’s a confusing time, because while hoping for spring really gets your mood up, realizing how far away it still is really kills that high… This February/March ambivalence always makes me want to sow seeds – watching them sprout and grow, knowing that you’ve planted them, is so rewarding. Like a premature miniature version of spring! What Scandinavian climate doesn’t give you, you have to create yourself.

I’m very good at starting new projects, and equally bad att finishing them (last week I had some kind of wake up call when I looked around me and saw two different ongoing knitting projects, one drawing, one unfinished hand embroidery project and a guitar, all of which had accumulated during two hours…). These personality traits are definitely problematic in combination with an interest in gardening, since that process spans over six months or so. It starts out great: I always have very high ambitions for my garden in the early spring, and the kick I get from watching the seeds sprout is very inspiring. But then I get tired of watering and replanting them all the time so I kind of… don’t. Which has the inevitable result that the plants either 1) produce little or no fruit, or 2) die. So this year I’ll try documenting the process here on the blog to see if it helps me keep it up!


This morning, I sowed the first seeds this year: strawberry, tomato and chili. Wish me luck!